“@BTS_twt: 원래 올해안에 10곡이상 추려 믹스테잎을 발표하고 싶었어서 비트작업두 열심히하고 앨범 틈틈히 다른 곡 작업도 했는데 몸이 한개인지라 생각보다 진행이 잘안되고있네요 그래도 앨범을 좋아해주셔서 다행이에요!! 다크앤 와일드 앨범 전곡 다 좋죠?? 하하”

"I wanted to release a mixtape that had at least 10 songs in it by this year so I worked hard on the beat work and also worked on…

[14/08/22 TAO’S WEIBO] doing ice bucket challenge

"Thank you zhoumi hyung for nominating me to do this meaningful event. The pain of being cold can’t even be compared with the pain of the victims who are suffering. I will not nominate anyone. While caring about the victims, caring about this rare disease and showing love to victims, i hope everyone can cherish your own health too"